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Singing For Health And Happiness – Informal Community Choir

Singing For Health & Happiness (S4H&H) – this gives people the opportunity to come together to improve various health and well-being issues (or none) by singing great songs and participating in singing games and accessible breathing exercises. Costs £4/session (inc. refreshments) – first timers come ½ price!

Hallelujah Chorus – Hallelujah Chorus is set up for singers who no longer sing in choirs or choruses (and miss it), or lacked the confidence to ever join such a group (and regret it). We meet for terms of 10 weeks at a time and it costs £5 per session, with payment made either for a full or half-term in advance. Come and try us out – first session ½ price!

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Your Community Musical Club – S4H&H

Singing for Health and Happiness is a unique way to help people who have various health and well-being issues (or none at all) by participating in a small informal “choir” setting. We will be participating in singing games and accessible breathing exercises, which will help lift mood and help us feel happier and healthier.

Remember that music is food for the soul!

The music includes classic pop songs, songs from the shows, standards, folk songs, rounds and partner songs. This is an excellent activity for all, including those who have pulmonary difficulties, dementia, Alzheimer’s, mental health issues, MS or ME or stroke victims, and simply those people who want to meet other people and belt out some good tunes!

The sessions last one hour, with free refreshments served beforehand, giving participants the opportunity to meet others, engender new friendships and benefit from a mutually supportive wellness programme and environment.

Because singing uses muscle groups most of us don’t even know we have, we start each session with a useful warm up. This enables everyone to enjoy the musical experience a lot more.

Sessions are led by Roger, a musician with a huge amount of experience as a professional singer, conductor and vocal health specialist.

We serve the whole of Herefordshire and some areas of surrounding counties. If you want set up your own S4H&H musical club, whether it’s a community or in an establishment such as a residential / nursing home, we would love to hear from you and help you.

If you think this could benefit clients and/or members, get in touch today.

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    • Has great health benefits
    • Relieves stress
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Improves mood
    • Is a great wellness programme
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